Kotobus (Photo: Susann Schuster)

How to Get Around Shikoku

Ways of transportation

Susann Schuster   - 1 min read

If you want to explore Shikoku and the island of Shodoshima, you will find several ways of transportation to do so.

When you arrive at Takamatsu Airport, which can be easily reached via Tokyo Haneda Airport, you can chose the Kotobus to reach the popular Iya Valley. The bus trip itself is a way to experience some of the the island of Shikoku as it features the popular scarecrows of Nagoro in the back of the bus and also on the seats, which keep you company during the ride. You are warmly greeted and can enjoy the view while you are on the way to Iya Valley. If you want to go for a day trip to explore Shodoshima Island instead, you can take the ferry from Takamatsu and get there in a short time while enjoying the small islands and beautiful scenery on the way. Once you have reached Shodoshima, why not explore the island on a bicycle? Hello Cycling offers several ports around the island and you can also ride e-bikes, which are becoming more and more popular as a way of transportation in Japan.

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