Taste the freshness! Tuna, salmon, crab and cucumber roll served on a traditional wooden platter. (Photo: Jessica A Paje)

Hamakura Sushi Restaurant, Yokosuka

Fresh direct from Yokosuka Fish Market

Taste the freshness! Tuna, salmon, crab and cucumber roll served on a traditional wooden platter. (Photo: Jessica A Paje)
Jessica A Paje   - 3 min read

Hamakura. The two-story, light green building I’ve driven past at least 100 times but never stopped to try. It’s exterior showcases a watercolor mural of ocean life, which encompasses half of its store front. The large white banner depicting island life never fails to strike my attention as the words “Beer Garden” automatically makes their specialty dishes a delight. On a Saturday evening, we finally discovered what Hamakura is all about.

It’s as fresh as you can get! Hamakura is located adjacent to AVE shopping center and conveniently situated directly in front of the Yokosuka Fish Market on Maborikaigan Road having a “Market direct connection.” Free parking is available on the opposite side of the street as the sign depicts. The restaurant is on the second floor of the building and if you haven’t figured out sashimi sets are their specialty; the posters along the staircase will confirm it. But not to worry, if you’re still taking baby steps towards eating just raw fish, there are other dishes that will satisfy your western palate.

The interior, bright and airy, can accommodate 70 customers. Be it traditional Japanese seating or window side tables, the staff at Hamakura is eager to make your dining experience a wonderful one. We were immediately greeted with smiles and presented with an English menu complete with pictures and descriptions. A few types of local fish prepared as sashimi sets for dinner were Alfonsino, Horse mackerel, Cuttlefish and Flatfish. Sets can include miso soup, tempura and sushi.

If you prefer single servings of sushi, you can select from the 25 options including nigiri sushi, chirashi sushi, and rolls. When you’re ready to order, refer to the blank order slips placed in the cup at your table. Simply jot down the quantity desired and the server will take this back to the kitchen. For starters, we decided to order tuna, salmon, fresh crab and a cucumber roll. Served on a traditional wooden platter with a pinch of ginger, the fresh fish just melted in our mouths. Pair the sushi with a cold, draft beer and your dinner will be out of this world. Guaranteed!

We made dinner a variety and also ordered Roast Pork Ramen, Carpaccio of Tomato and Avocado with White Fish, and Fried Tofu. Everything was so flavorful and amazing! The natural lighting was excellent that evening, so the pictures I took of each dish really did do it justice! I hear the lunch options are just as good and very much reasonably priced; Hamakura opens as early as 8:00am on weekdays. I can’t wait to try that next.

Jessica A Paje

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