The hotel's outdoor Jacuzzi (Photo: Hayama Hotel Otowa no Mori)

Hayama Hotel Otowa no Mori

Lovely hotel with beautiful ocean view

The hotel's outdoor Jacuzzi (Photo: Hayama Hotel Otowa no Mori)
Harumi Inouye   - 3 min read

Just about a one-hour drive from Tokyo, there is a place that will have you feeling totally relaxed. The destination is Hayama, a resort area near metropolitan Tokyo. The blue sky, the beautiful ocean and the comfortable breeze… are all there! If you’d like to stay overnight and take time to look around, I recommend that you make a reservation at the Hayama Hotel Otowa no Mori, a hideaway from the noise of the big city.

The hotel

This western style hotel is not that big, with only 20 guest rooms. That’s why I say it is a hideaway. In spite of being small in size, this hotel has everything—from an annex for wedding banquets to a French restaurant, bar, shops and sky Jacuzzi. In addition, the façade of the building and its location, plus the ocean view will remind you of a hotel in France or Spanish resort. It is cozy and refreshing.

In and from every room, you can enjoy the beautiful ocean. The hotel offers a variety of room types. I cannot say the rooms are wide unless you stay in a suite. But the interior with its white base looks immaculate and is a perfect match to the ocean blue. What is special about this hotel is if you stay in a room with a balcony, you can have an in-room breakfast, enjoying it with the window open, feeling the pacific breeze. When I was eating my breakfast, I had never felt a more luxurious feeling in my life!

The restaurant

When I stayed here, I unfortunately didn’t dine in the hotel’s French restaurant “Shiosai”. But this restaurant has acquired a high reputation: I have seen some TV programs about it and learned that the chefs use local fresh vegetables and seafood. I also learned that Michael Jackson and other celebrities have enjoyed dining here.

Other nice touches

This hotel houses an annex for wedding banquets. It would be a great place to hold an ocean view wedding ceremony and party, though my wedding was long, long ago and I cannot choose this option anymore!

When I stayed at this hotel some years ago, there was a temporary outdoor Jacuzzi, but now a permanent facility has been opened. Imagine enjoying the Jacuzzi under the beautiful sky, viewing Izu-Oshima island, and Miura and Izu Peninsulas.

Anyway if you come to the Hayama Hotel Otowa no Mori, the best way to spend your time might be to do nothing—just relax. Here you will find the atmosphere of a real resort, allowing you to forget the everyday hustle and bustle of city life. Once you step through the doors of this hotel, you will immediately understand what I mean.

Harumi Inouye

Harumi Inouye @harumi.inouye

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