Japan-U.S. Yokosuka Spring Festa 2025

Celebrating the new season at Yokosuka Navy Base

Kim   - 2 min read
Venue : Yokosuka Naval Base, Kanagawa When : Late Mar 2025

The United States has maintained a military presence in Japan since the end of World War II, with strategically-located bases playing a crucial role in maintaining stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region for decades. The relationship between the two countries has also grown, with a deep and enduring friendship characterized by mutual respect and cooperation.

This friendship is set to be celebrated at the Japan-U.S. Yokosuka Spring Festa, taking place at the Yokosuka Naval Base in late March. The base is typically closed to the public, but it opens for one day during the spring season for visitors to get a slice of Americana and enjoy the spring weather.

There will be sales of American food like pizza and burgers, stage performances including the U.S. Navy 7th Fleet Band, and ship tours available for attendees to enjoy.

It's important to note that attendance requires advance registration and the presentation of specific ID documents on the day to gain base access. To check that you have the right combination of ID documents, visit this page (if you're using Google Chrome your browser should automatically translate the text). Applications to attend open up from February 21st via the above-linked website.

Getting there

Yokosuka Naval Base can be accessed in 15 minutes on foot from Keikyu Shioiri Station or Yokosuka Chuo Station. Alternatively, the venue is around 25 minutes on foot from JR Yokosuka Station.

Please note that base entry and exit for the event is only through the Mikasa Park Gate.


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