Caramel cinnamon French toast (Photo: Olga Kaneda)

LON Cafe - French Toast in Enoshima

Enjoy the romantic ambiance and exquisite sweets

Olga   - 1 min read

LON Cafe is a little oasis that will restore your physical and mental energy during a long day in Enoshima, Fujisawa city. While some places on the popular island are free to enter, LON Cafe is located within the Samuel Cocking botanical garden and you need to pay 200 yen to get in there. But it is a perfect place to gaze out at the ocean and eat sweets in the shade of parasols on the terrace. All seats in the cafe have an ocean view.

LON Cafe specializes in French toast and the locals love it. Foreign people also visit, but obviously it is more popular among Japanese couples. It is a nice romantic spot. If you like sweet French toast, you should definitely give it a try!


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