MOON Cafe & Mooneyes Area-1 storefront in Honmoku, Yokohama (Photo: Jessica A Paje)

Moon Cafe in Honmoku, Yokohama

Hot Rods, Hamburgers & Roaring American Accessories

MOON Cafe & Mooneyes Area-1 storefront in Honmoku, Yokohama (Photo: Jessica A Paje)
Jessica A Paje   - 4 min read

Looking for an All-American meal in Japan? I introduce to you, Moon Café located in Honmoku, Japan. It's not just your typical diner that serves up burgers & fries. Their fun menu offers a blend of American and Hawaiian cuisine to share with your party while seated in a bright yellow, moon-shaped booth. Once your tummies are filled, take a stroll inside the adjacent shop, Mooneyes Area-1, for souvenirs or one-of-a-kind hubcaps. With only three locations in the world, be sure to visit before you leave Japan.

Getting to Moon Café is a very simple drive, especially from Yokosuka. Our stomachs were churning so we opted for the 30-minute ride on the Toll Road (1,950 yen) to Sankeien Exit. Or take Route 16 for a toll-free option, but expect an additional 20 minutes on the road. Either path, Moon Café was easily spotted with its neon lights and the yellow Mooneyes logo. On weekends, the restaurant opens an additional back lot for parking and it’s free of charge. If you’re lucky, a few oldies but goodies will be on display like a ’71 Chevy Camaro Z28 or a vintage VW bus; a sneak peek into what’s in store at the restaurant.

At the rear entrance, you immediately feel as if you’ve time warped into 1950’s Americana. There’s a Hot Rod garage, Moon Automotive: Speed & Customs, that displays a ton of eye candy. In harmony we all whispered “Cooool” as nostalgia kicked in. It led us right into Mooneyes Area-1, the shop that specializes in speed equipment and custom accessories for your vintage vehicle. Here you can start taking a mental note of the items you want to purchase before you leave. From fashion accessories by Rat Fink to bacon design band-aids and snap-on MOON wheel discs, the fun souvenirs are endless.

Now onto the reason why we drove out here: the food. Oh so many choices, so little room to fit it all in. All of the burger options looked fantastic! Homemade Beef patties, Mahi-mahi, Kalua pork or the classic Chicken sandwiches are just a few popular choices from the Original menu. Have a Hawaiian palate? Try their Loco Moco plates with gravy, demi-glace or salsa sauces, to name a few. The monthly special for August was Chow Sai Mein, made with Honolulu chow mein, lettuce, fish cake and a cup of consome. The fried zuchinni was the perfect appetizer. Lightly battered and deep-fried to perfection, it was gone in sixty seconds. Order a classic shake from the Fountain menu or try “MOON chu,” Moon Café’s answer to Moonshine, which took them three years to make this clear distilled liquor from wheat Genuine Top Alcohol. I personally loved the Dad’s Root Beer float that was topped off with vanilla Haagen-Dazs ice cream. It was the perfect summer treat!

Aside from the great menu, the entire café was pristine. They take great pride in cleanliness from the open grill to the restroom. The outdoor dining space was neatly maintained and they even offer a “parking space” for small dogs where you can leash them up against the manicured planters. The staff was courteous and spoke very good English. We sat at the counter, so the head chef was very welcoming and made sure we were enjoying our meal. Go and visit! You won't be disappointed.

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