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'Mr.Waffle' in Yokohama

Let's have some delicious waffles!

Lee Yeayun
Rachel Chang   - 1 min read

Many people think of China Town when they visit Yokohama. In fact, Yokohama also has a great selection of food from around the world such as delicious, freshly baked waffles which I found at the Yokohama branch of 'Mr. Waffle'!

The average price is around 150 yen, which I thought was pretty fair, and it is located right next to the Lumine department store at the Yokohama train station's east exit (東口).

It is a popular place so you will easily see the line-up from way down the street, but I personally thought it wasn't boring to wait at all because you can see the process of waffle making inside the store. That's one of the store's selling points - you can eat freshly baked straight-from-the-iron waffles.

You can also choose the flavor such as plain, cinnamon, chocolate chip, earl grey, and many more.

'Mr. Waffle' has other branches throughout Tokyo, including Ikebukuro and Shinjuku, so if you want to try something new or you're a big fan of waffles (who isn't?), try 'Mr. Waffle'!

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