"Train" march of cheerful people (Photo: Shinya Ota)

Oktoberfest 2013 Yokohama

Beer Festival at Akarenga Red Brick Warehouse

"Train" march of cheerful people (Photo: Shinya Ota)
Shinya Ota   - 3 min read

The autumn is here. And Oktoberfest has come back again this year to Akarenga or the Red Brick Warehouse. This is the 12th time it has been held since the first time in 2003. This year, balcony seats are set up inside the large tent. Also the number of tables inside the tent has been increased. It looks like the event is growing bigger and bigger every year. I heard that it can accommodate roughly 2,000 visitors. Cheerful people, lively music by a Bavarian band, a variety of German beers, good food, and the beautiful autumn weather. I like the atmosphere of Oktoberfest. I am always waiting for and looking forward to the event.

Last year, I had to wait in line for 30 minutes outside the ticket office when I came on a Saturday afternoon. So I decided to come on a weekday, taking a day off from work, this year. It was really comfortable not having to wait in line and being able to find a table easily either inside or outside the tent.

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Erdinger, Spaten, Flensburger, Hofbrauhaus, Paulaner, Heineken, Kirin… About 80 different beers from Germany, Ireland, Holland and Japan are sold at the event. It is always difficult to choose what to drink out of them. Until last year, I would start with a Erdinger’s weissbier first and buy some other different beers. But I’ve fallen in love with black beer since I tried an Erdinger’s black beer last year. I like the aroma of chocolate and smooth texture very much. So this time I bought an Erdinger’s black beer first and then a Kenig Ludwig dunkel black beer. I enjoyed washing down fatty sausages with them. Fried potato, grilled chicken, sausages, schnitzels, boiled Edamame soy beans…a wide variety of dishes are sold. If you have not tasted boiled Edamame, please try. You will be surprised how well lightly salted beans go with beer.

“Woho & Kalendar Band” a music band from Germany is playing cheerful Bavarian music at the center stage 5 times a day for 30 minutes each time. It starts with a song of toast “Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der Gemutlichkeit……”, lively music and ends with “train” which a member of the band with an accordion walks onto the floor and leads a “train” of people. Also, it is nice to enjoy beer and food outside the tent looking at the Minato Mirai area under a calm and beautiful weather. It is really a great place to enjoy drinking a beer in a good atmosphere. I always leave the festival in a good mood.

Oktoberfest is held until Sunday, October 20, this year.

Shinya Ota

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