This staple food is known as one of Oyama's specialties
This staple food is known as one of Oyama's specialties (Photo: Fireworks / CC0 1.0)

Oyama Tofu Festival

A celebration of this versatile staple food

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Venue : Isehara Municipal Oyama Second Parking Lot (Tofu Square) When : Mid Mar 2024

One of the specialties from the Oyama region of Kanagawa Prefecture is their tofu, in part because it's made using pure spring water from Mt. Oyama itself. Owing to this, the area hosts an annual tofu festival, where you can learn more about this staple food - and even try making it for yourself, if you wish!

A couple of the quirkier attractions at the festival include a tofu speed eating competition, and the chance to watch tofu being made in a pot which is four meters in diameter. Talk about cooking to feed a crowd!

Getting there

By Public Transport:

To reach the Oyama Tofu Festival, head to Isehara Station, which is served by the Odakyu Odawara Line. From the station, take the north exit and look out for bus number 4, bound for the Oyama Cable Car. The bus ride from the station to the venue takes approximately 30 minutes.


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