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Light Curtain
Light Curtain (Photo: Abby Rodriguez)

Sagami-ko Illumillion Adventure

Enjoy a wonderland of light and magic in Kanagawa

Abby Rodriguez   - 3 min read
When : Nov 12th - Apr 2nd 2023, 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Want to experience a very illuminating adventure? A few hours’ drive from Yokohama, on the tip of Kanagawa prefecture lies an amazing “illumination forest” that will make your heart skip with joy!

The Sagamiko Illumillion is located near Sagami Lake, so it is advisable to wear layered clothing for you to be comfortable in your stroll. After climbing up a few stairs and passing through a couple arches of light, I was greeted by Paddington Bear and the Central Lodge where we can refresh ourselves before we continue on with our adventure.

Passing through the central lodge, we saw a magnificent illuminated zoo! The grass was green and bright as can be. Then just a short time later, we walked through curtains of light (silver lights mingled with purple and blue) It was quite a sight to behold. Shortly thereafter, we exited the curtain of light area and saw a few rides, and if you look up the hill there is an awesome scene to set your gaze upon. A blue forest, meadows, hills and a flowing river of light designed to take your breath away!

Blue Forest
Blue Forest

Passing through the blue illumination forest is the cathedral of light; it is a marvelous structure, where the lights are synchronized to serene music. It is filled with dazzling gold LED lights, which mimics pipe organs and stained glass, giving it a more majestic feel.

Departing the Cathedral of Light will lead you to the tunnel of light. This makes an extremely cool transition from the blue forest into something that resembles a flower garden with butterflies hovering over it. The site is pretty spectacular (it is probably my favorite scene). As you go downhill, you will see the different effects of the flowers and butterflies as they interact with each other!

The site is not only about the illumination but it also has rides such as a Ferris Wheel that mimics Mt. Fuji when it is all lit up. There is a ropeway that guides you to this Ferris Wheel. Other attractions include the largest house of mirrors in Japan.

Snow slide
Snow slide

The Sagamiko Illumillion indeed houses around three million lights, but the fun does not end there. By day, the Sagamiko Illumillion doubles as the Sagamiko Pleasure Forest which is an awesome place to have picnics and a place to run around with the kids. You can also set up a real outdoor camp or select one of their cabins. There are plenty of souvenirs to choose from at the Omise, from 3D post cards, seasonal manjus, cookies, Paddington Teddy Bears and much more.

Abby Rodriguez

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