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The Japan Ramen Festival
The Japan Ramen Festival (Photo: Dai Tsukemen Haku)

The Japan Ramen Festival (aka Dai Tsukemen Haku) 2024

Enjoy ramen varieties from across Japan

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Venue : Mikasa Park When : Apr 12th - May 6th 2024

The Japan Ramen Festival (also known as Dai Tsukemen Haku) is launching a brand new edition in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture. Billed as Yokosuka’s first ramen event of this scale, the Yokosuka Ramen Fleet (Yokosuka Ramen Kantai) ramen festival is sure to entice ramen lovers from across the Kanto region this spring.


  • Event held over 4 weekends
  • 32 different ramen shops in attendance
  • Centrally located and a perfect way to explore nearby venues like Coaska Bayside Stores

Held at Mikasa Park (home to the Mikasa battleship and nearby Coaska Bayside Stores), this ramen festival will be in town on four consecutive weekends throughout April and May running until Golden Week:

  • April 12th (Fri)–14th (Sun)
  • April 19th (Fri)–21st (Sun)
  • April 26th (Fri)–29th (Mon/hol)
  • May 3rd (Fri/hol)–6th (Sun/hol)

A total of 32 ramen shops will be gathering from across Japan, likely to cover styles such as Hokkaido miso ramen, Hakata tonkotsu and even home favourite Yokohama Iekei ramen. Full details regarding which ramen-ya will be attending and on which weekends are to be announced closer to the event.

The event logo has been designed in collaboration with well-known illustrator, Ken Aoki, who has collaborated with over one hundred ramen shops, including the Michelin-star winning Soba House Konjiki Hototogisu.

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Find out more about Mikasa Park.

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