Boats for karaoke and drinking. (Photo: Josef Diermair)

Yokohama Minato Mirai 21

Wearing two hats – as different as night and day

Josef Diermair   - 1 min read

As a photographer I always look for good light and contrast. Minato Mirai has both in abundance. An artificial island that they really started developing it in the early-90s boom years, they have never stopped. One of the main attractions is the Landmark Tower, Japan's tallest building. What strikes me most here is the very different look and feel you get in the daytime and nighttime. In daytime, the buildings look kind of dated, or as if they are still in the development stage. But at night, it magically transforms itself into a fantastic night scene.

Josef Diermair

Josef Diermair @josef.diermair

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