Yui Yamaguchi

Cherry Blossoms at Ichifusa Dam

10,000 cherry trees along the shoreline

Yui Yamaguchi   - 1 min read

Ichifusa Dam within Kuma Prefectural Park is the second most popular place for cherry blossoms in Kumamoto. Approximately 10,000 blossoms were planted along the shores of the lake and you could enjoy the view while driving. During the cherry blossom season there are a number of special events, with food stands at Ichifusa Damukoenchi and people enjoying a picnic. It can be chilly at this time, so keep yourself warm when you get there. Dropping in at a hot spring on the way back home would be a great idea. The best way to get to Ichifusa Dam is by car, it takes approximately 90 minutes from Kumamoto City. Of course it is possible to get here by public transport, with a train to Yatsuhiro and then a taxi, but a hired car would be cheaper and provide more opportunities to drop by at one of the farms or cafes on the way.

Yui Yamaguchi

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