Spacious car park (Photo: Yui Yamaguchi)

Kamimashiki Produce Market

Where locals come for the morning harvest

Yui Yamaguchi   - 1 min read

Imagine being able to buy farm produce the day it is picked, whilst getting tips from the farmers first hand? The highlight of this market is that local farmers deliver their morning harvests and consumers can purchase them right away, making it a healthy and connected community.

The seasonal vegetables in the spring of 2019 include bamboo shoots, bracken, the bud of tara (Japanese angelica tree), canola and mustard leaves as well as fresh flowers, ohagi (red bean rice cake) and dekopon juice, a specialty of the area. The tara is known for its cream hued blossoms, and is a very hardy tree.

You can often overhear people hear exchange local information, such as “the bamboo shoots from Yamamura’s farm is great because their mountain soil is different,” making it a hot spot for restaurant owners and chefs looking for fresh produce. This is definitely a recommended spot.

Yui Yamaguchi

Yui Yamaguchi @iyu.mura

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