Borscht as interpreted by Restaurant Yuwa (Photo: Yui Yamaguchi)

Restaurant Yuwa

When you miss Russian food

Yui Yamaguchi   - 1 min read

The foods from a cold country like Russia will definitely warm you up. Yuwa is a restaurant where you can eat popular dishes like piroshiki, a piping hot bun filled with ground meat, and borscht, a pickled beetroot based soup whose iconic taste had garnered fans from around the world, far beyond its humble origins.

Alternatively, try the Tsuboyaki (pot pie) set which offers a variety of attractive dishes for 1620 yen including raw ham salad, pot pie mushroom soup, piroshiki, borscht, dessert and tea or coffee. The restaurant looks like it has been renovated from a house, with its wooden furnishings giving a homely atmosphere so you can relax while enjoying a meal.

On the mezzanine there is a gallery filled with handmade items and accessories from the old days, so let's take a look.

Getting there

10 minutes drive from Mifune Interchange. Near Mifune-machi Uemukae intersection on Kamimashiki Kaso Kankou Southern Route (Route 445)

Yui Yamaguchi

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