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Tsuetate Hot Springs in Kyushu

A perfect place for relaxing

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Tsuetate Onsen

​The location is between Kumamoto and Oita Prefecture in Kyushu. This is an old village with many choices of hot spring usually found inside of Japanese hotels. Even those who are not hotel guests can pay the entrance fee to experience the hot spring. Each hot spring is priced differently but it is around 600 yen for one person, and a few of the hot springs offer the family hot spring.

I recommend going there on weekdays because it is not that really crowded so you can enjoy the private hot spring. On the other hand, it was difficult to find the map of the village because when I went there the tourist information and many restaurants were closed.

The village is also famous for carp streamer festivals (Koinobori) from the beginning of April until the first week of May.

For further information:

Tsuetate Onsen Tourism Association TEL: 0967-48-0206 FAX: 0967-48-0644

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