A Walk in Kyoto Imperial Palace - 4

From Giyoden to Shunkoden

By Shozo Fujii    - 1 min read

The Giyoden was one of the palace buildings in the Dairi (Imperial Residence) of Heian-kyo adjoining the east side of the Shishinden.The Giyoden ​is the treasure store house where musical instruments and succession record books were kept. This building was reproduced according to an ancient design. 

 The Shunkoden  was one of the Imperial Residences where arms were kept. In the Kamakura Era, Shinkyo (Sacred Mirror) was kept in it, and therefore it was called Kashiko-dokoro. The present Shunkoden stands at a different place from where the old Shunkoden stood in the Heian Era. The present Shunkoden was built on the occasion of the enthronement ceremony of Emperor Taisho at the spot where Kashiko-dokoro was located

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