My little achievement (Photo: Alessio Pompeo)

Discover the Magic of Yuzen Dyeing

An ancient Japanese technique

My little achievement (Photo: Alessio Pompeo)
Alessio Pompeo   - 2 min read

Have you ever wondered how the colorful patterns on kimonos are created?

Kyo Yuzen dyeing is an ancient Japanese technique that originated in the city of Kyoto. It is named after its founder Miyazaki Yuzensai, who was the first to use this technique to embellish his fans. The dye is applied directly onto the fabric, with patterns generally inspired by the natural world and animals, or related to the seasons. Kimonos that use Kyo Yuzen dyeing are considered to be of superior quality. This dyeing method is extremely complex, characterized by its sophistication and attention to detail, making it a form of art.


Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a Kyo Yuzen dyeing workshop at the Marumasu Nishimuraya studio in the heart of Kyoto. It was an extraordinary experience that allowed me to fully appreciate this art. Don't worry about the difficulty, this workshop is open to everyone, even children, and you can use stencils to help you easily create your work. During the lesson, I learned the various steps of the Yuzen dyeing process, including fabric preparation, stencil selection, and color combination. (prices vary based on the experience you want to have)

A brief introduction to the creation process:

After deciding what type of object you want to design (there are many to choose from), apply the brush to the stencil and color it with a swirling motion. More complex designs may require multiple stencils to be applied, once all levels are completed, your work will be finished.

In addition to the studio, there is also a small shop where you can admire and purchase beautiful souvenirs made by master craftsmen.


I recommend trying to immerse yourself in this fascinating world and expanding your creativity. There is nothing more rewarding than bringing home a souvenir created with your own hands.

Getting there

・Kyoto Subway Approximately 7 minutes on foot from "Karasuma Oike" station (nearest: Exit 4-1)

Approximately 5 minutes on foot from "Nijojo-mae" station (nearest: Exit 2)

・Kyoto City Bus

Approximately 5 minutes on foot from the "Horikawa Oike" bus stop "

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