Reception Area (Photo: FAUCHON Hospitality)

Fauchon Hotel

A marriage of East and West

Reception Area (Photo: FAUCHON Hospitality)
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French gastronomic fashion brand, Fauchon, tests the limelight as it showcases its new hospitality brand in Kyoto.

Founded by Auguste Fauchon, he initially focused on gourmet foods with its roots starting as a street vendor. As it continued to evolve, it was able to cement its footing in the food industry and now, with a collection of 100 franchise shops and restaurants across 50 countries, the brand has become synonymous with the finest quality ingredients and a diverse offering.

Facade by Night
Facade by Night (Photo: FAUCHON Hospitality - Nacasa&Partners)
Entrance to the Lobby
Entrance to the Lobby (Photo: FAUCHON Hospitality - Nacasa&Partners)

But faced with fierce competition over the past decades, the brand was forced to reevaluate its opportunities. And true to its form, it ventured into the hospitality industry while keeping its brand DNA alive. Where most others fail, it succeeded.

Fauchon partnered with the upscale hotel group Esprit de France, a subsidiary of Compagnie Lebon, to create and co-manage the first Fauchon L’Hôtel on the Place de la Madeleine in Paris. And with the successful cultivation of its first hotel line, the brand now looks to imitate the same in Japan.

But why Kyoto? Amidst all places in Japan, Kyoto seems to be the perfect place to recreate some of the brand's culture and culinary brilliance. Being a natural hub for art, culture, and even food, it's no wonder that it was handpicked to be the spot for its second hotel.

Now onto the fun part, a glimpse of the hotel itself.

Room (Photo: FAUCHON Hospitality)
Room (Photo: FAUCHON Hospitality)

This five-star luxury hotel features 70 guest and suite rooms all ranging from a 35-sq-meter Classic up to a 61-sq-meter Prestige Suite complete with amenities. Moreover, already a member of The Leading Hotels in the World, Fauchon is looking to set the tone for its ambitious upbringing, by laying out all elements of the Fauchon brand under one roof.

And what better way to start it off by introducing its signature gourmet minibar in every room and suite. Clothed in a wardrobe-sized cabinet dyed with pink accents, the minibar houses a selection of Fauchon products, all of which are complimentary.

Le Grand Cafe
Le Grand Cafe (Photo: FAUCHON Hospitality)

But if you're looking to indulge in its gourmet fantasies, you can head over to the Le Grand Cafe Fauchon restaurant where you can enjoy amazing contemporary French cuisine with a panoramic view of Higashiyama to complete the experience. Delight yourself with some macarons along the way as the hotel also hosts its own patisserie and boutique with complimentary macarons of the day available throughout the hotel for guests to enjoy.

Spa (Photo: FAUCHON Hospitality - Nacasa&Partners)

Also, feel free to relax and get some much-needed pampering with Fauchon's first-ever spa. Named as the best spa by Japanese and Parisian beauty specialists, Le Spa Fauchon offers a wide range of body, facial, and scrub treatments with rich fragrances and textures.

Patisserie & Boutique
Patisserie & Boutique (Photo: FAUCHON Hospitality - Nacasa&Partners)
Tea Ceremony
Tea Ceremony (Photo: FAUCHON Hospitality)

While you enjoy these aspects, you can also look forward to the blend of Japanese and French heritage here at Fauchon. To satisfy your curiosity, Fauchon has partnered with Tango Beer of Japan to recreate “La Delicieuse,” a special beer that was served back in the 1940s. Not only that, but the brand is also partnering with a Japanese bakery, Izutsu, to create a special Yatsuhashi pastry (a traditional Japanese sweet) that will be offered only in the hotel and can be enjoyed at tea time. There will even be an in-house Japanese tea ceremony!

As a new spin in the industry, Fauchon Hotel Kyoto is part of a service and trademark license agreement between Hotel W Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Wealth Management, and Fauchon Hospitality.

Getting there

Located in central Kyoto, it is only 2.5 kilometers from Kyoto Shinkansen Station and within walking distance from Shijo Kawaramachi, Gion and the Kamo River.

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