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Kyoto's Jiki Miyazawa

A new kind of Japanese cuisine restaurant

Justin Velgus   - 1 min read

Kyoto or kaiseki cuisine reproduces the distinct beauty of the four seasons on a plate or in a bowl. The tea room doesn't only delight guests through tea but also food accompanied with sake. You can feel a deep spirit of hospitality from Jiki Miyazawa.

You'll feel a sense of the hard work that goes into every single item of food.

The rice is more than freshly cooked and served. Cooked in a special pot called a nibana, the three portions of rice served from the earthen pot produce different flavors as rice in the middle of the pot has a different taste. The exquisite taste and care in cooking are what you would expect from such a passionate tea room. As such, it is difficult to make a reservation at this famous eatery.

Read about how tea came to Japan and the creation of kaiseki, plus more about Jiki Miyazawa, here.

Justin Velgus

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