Beautiful river near Teradaya Inn (Photo: Takako Sakamoto)

Searching for Ryoma at Teradaya Inn

Part 2 - Inn in Kyoto where Ryoma Sakamoto was attacked

Takako Sakamoto   - 1 min read

If you are a fan of Ryoma Sakamoto, Teradaya Inn in Fushimi ward, Kyoto, is a place you shouldn't miss. In March 1866, Ryoma was surrounded by over 100 policemen dispatched by the Tokugawa Shogunate. He was in a meeting here with his comrade revolutionaries. Ms. Oryo, who later became his wife, ran from a bathroom naked to the 2nd floor where Ryoma was, to inform him of the coming dramatic! He was saved by a samurai squad of Satsuma (present day Kagoshima), and survived the attack! For access information please refer to my other article, Searching for Ryoma Sakamoto.

Takako Sakamoto

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