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Rinnoji Temple Garden

A beautifully classical landscape in Sendai

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Rinnoji was the family temple of the Date clan. Since 1441 the temple has been rebuilt and even relocated from the original location. The temple itself may seem modest, but it has an absolutely wonderful garden behind its main building.

I visited Rinnoji on a weekday and found myself there alone so I took my time to relax and enjoy the beauty and quietness of the garden. Rinnoji garden is a wonderful example of a classic landscaped garden. Walking along the stone paths I discovered different views, each perfectly beautiful. In the center of the garden I saw a pond with water lilies. From the bridge that stretches almost to the middle of the pond I could see colourful carp in the water. Beautiful pagoda, lanterns and trees were reflected in the water and the autumn colours brightened the greenery of the garden.

After crossing the classical red bridge, I found two stone gardens and sat down to rest near one of them. Watching that stone garden I could imagine the concentric circles of fine gravel representing water. Taking shots I understood that each view was made with great skill and a special sense of natural beauty.

Rinnoji Garden is open every day of the year from 8-5pm. The entrance fee is 300 JPY.

Getting there

Rinnoji emple is a 15-minute walk to the north from Kita-Sendai Station on the JR Senzan Line.

Elena Lisina

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