Drip coffee poured by friendly and knowledgeable staff (Photo: Justin Velgus)

Sendai Coffee Stand

High quality coffee with atmosphere and character

Drip coffee poured by friendly and knowledgeable staff (Photo: Justin Velgus)
Justin Velgus   - 3 min read

I first learned about the Sendai Coffee Stand at a local festival. A coffee cart pulled by a bicycle had a man selling coffee and some light food items. Little did I know until searching the website displayed that what I saw was the mobile version of the store located on Bansui-dori Avenue, not far from the over-the-top Don Quijote discount mega store. There was the bike parked out front with a few outside dining tables, so I know I found the right spot. Yes, Sendai Coffee Stand is more than a wagon but a stand-alone coffee crusader.

It was a sunny Saturday morning when I visited. One of the store staff was greeting guests as he prepared hand-brewed coffee at the window sill. The customers’ eyes were telling me that this is not the coffee you buy to wake up, but the coffee you wake up for to start a great day. The aroma was magnificent, filling the entire store and drifting outside, but it was not overwhelming. All the coffee here is freshly ground and prepared using a drip filter. Currently, their single origin bean selection includes imports from Indonesia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Brazil, and Honduras. If you are not sure what to drink, ask the staff for their recommendation or go with the rotating daily special priced 500 yen or less.

There is countertop seating inside, found opposite an impressive coffee grinding machine in the near corner. Staff will do their best to communicate in whatever language you speak while the menu is strangely all English with no Japanese. I think it is a fashion statement which extends to the cool and trendy looks of each staff member. Sandwiches and the store’s famous handmade scones tempt you behind the safety of their glass cases. Coffee blends have unique names such as Ice Age, Flamingo, or the more mundane Classic French. The fun names matched with the superb taste guarantee both regular coffee fans or professional coffee critics can enjoy a visit.

The energy and layout of the store make it ideal for the quiet coffee sipper to the social chatter. Inside the store can get crowded on cold days as people avoid the outside seating. Smokers can smoke at the sidewalk seating. Coffee lovers on the go can order take-out. Soft upbeat music plays over the speakers, tying together the artsy and fun coffee-focused atmosphere. How will you enjoy your coffee at Sendai Coffee Stand?

Open 8am-8pm (with occasional time changes). Closed Wednesdays.

Justin Velgus

Justin Velgus @justin.velgus

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