A local surfing hotspot is hiding on the outskirts of Sendai (Photo: Kana Shimoniida)

Surfing Near Sendai Port

A beach just for surfing thrives after the tsunami

Kana Shimoniida   - 2 min read

Sendai is one of the few places in Japan you can both surf and ski (in different seasons of course!). The tsunami triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake destroyed coastal areas, including the few useable beach areas. However, the surfing spirit could not be tamed. Gradually and now in full force, weekend warriors come out in droves to surf the small beach in the Gamo area outside the city center. It is located near Sendai Port.

There are generally between 30 and 60 surfers daily, yet the adjacent free parking lot can easily accommodate them and curious onlookers. Waves are small but consistent, peaking an average of 2-3 meters. There are bathrooms, but no showers. Bring your own water to wash off, or ask one of the fellow surfers to lend some. The community is overall friendly and welcoming.

There are no rentals or lessons at the beach, though some shops in Sendai do seem to offer such services. Bring your own food, as there are no options in the immediate area.

Nearby attractions include Kirin Beer Factory and “Japan’s Smallest Mountain”.

Kana Shimoniida

Kana Shimoniida @kana.shimoniida