coffee (Photo: Yuko)

6zi Coffee Shop

Organic coffee shop on Miyazaki's main street

coffee (Photo: Yuko)
Yuko Tsuzurahara   - 2 min read

Editor's Note: this article is about the former Brown Drop coffee shop, which rebranded to 6zi in 2014.

Have you ever become tired of the big chain coffee shops and wanted to have a favorite place where you could just "drop by" whenever you fancied a cup? Brown Drop is the best place to do that if you find yourself in the city center. Neither too big nor too small, it's the perfect place to take a beak.

As Brown Drop is located on Tachibana dori, the main street, it can be conveniently accessed from everywhere. It is a 10 minute walk from Miyazaki Station and is near the Tachibana dori 3 chome bus stop. It's actually quite easy to find the place since there is a big signboard in front of the shop.

The owner takes pride in the organic coffee he roasts himself and offers just the right atmosphere to make his customers feel relaxed and comfortable. As most customers don't spend too much time there, counter seats are usually available at all times.The menu is simple. You can choose between five types of organic coffee, as well as iced cafe au lait and a few other drinks.

To go with the coffee, there are several kinds of sweets, including cup cakes and cookies. I can especially recommend the iced cafe au lait, which is served in 2 beautiful layers--coffee and milk--as you can see in the picture.

The prices are similar to what you would find at Starbucks, but with a much more personal atmosphere. Italian roast is 350 yen, iced coffee is 450 yen, and hot chocolate is 500 yen. For something a little different, the owner, Ando-san, offers Nichinan crystal salt ice cream, which I have never tried because it is always sold out. However, there is now something of a boom in salty sweets in Japan, and i am told it is quite tasty, so you should try when you get the chance to drop by.

Yuko Tsuzurahara

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