Senén Germade

Megane-bashi, Nagasaki

“Spectacles Bridge”—Soon you’ll understand

Senén Germade   - 1 min read

Megane-bashi or “Spectacles Bridge”, over the Nakashima River, was built in Nagasaki in 1634 by the Japanese monk Mokusu of Kofukuji Temple. This bridge is the oldest stone arch bridge in Japan and has been designated as an Important Cultural Property.

It got the name of “Spectacles Bridge” due to the reflection of the arches in the river forming a pair of eyeglasses. I’m not sure when is the best moment of the day to experience this optical illusion. I arrived there mid afternoon and I couldn’t appreciate anything special. But I decided to wait until sunset and finally the magic happened. If you have time to spare don’t miss the opportunity to observe the moment when Megane-bashi becomes “Spectacles Bridge”.

Senén Germade

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