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Tamaki Shrine

The ultimate training trail for Shugendo practitioners

Virginia Gonzalez   - 1 min read

Tamaki Shrine, located in Totsukawa Village and near the top of Tamaki Mountain, is one of the main stops for pilgrims and hikers who walk the Okugakemichi trail from Yoshino (in Nara Prefecture) to Hongu (in Wakayama Prefecture). The shrine's location at an elevation of 1,076 meters and the old cedar trees that surround the area have made Tamaki the inner sanctuary of the three Kumano Shrines. The easiest way to get there is by taking a car to the entrance, and then walking to the shrine, which takes 20 minutes from the parking lot. When you get to the shrine, you will be greeted with free tea, which will make up for the effort of the walk.

Virginia Gonzalez

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