Looking up at the contemporary Global Tower (Photo: Jaime Wong)

Global Tower Beppu

Awesome views of Beppu from a new modern tower

Looking up at the contemporary Global Tower (Photo: Jaime Wong)
Jaime Wong   - 3 min read

Beppu has always been a city famous for onsen, but it actually also has some beautiful city views. One way to see the city is from the newly built Global Tower. The tower has a very modern and sleek design, soaring high above the low rise buildings of Beppu. With a glass box sitting at the top of the building, the crystal clear windows gives you stunning 360 degree views of Beppu.

Global Tower is located in a rather more contemporary part of Beppu, and can be reached either by walking (around a 25 minute walk from Beppu Station) or a 10 minute bus ride. The buses are very scarce in Beppu though, and come only once an hour, so personally I just found it easier to walk everywhere. Entrance to the tower costs ¥300 for adults, and ¥200 for children. The reception desk is at the very bottom of the building (not inside the building but outside!), and after you purchase the tickets you take the elevator ride up to the observation deck. The observation room was amazing, as it is just a glass box at the top of the building giving you clear panoramic views of Beppu city.

The views were stunning from the observation room, especially with the city of Beppu being surrounded by mountains giving the city scenery a great touch. With the city being full of onsen as well, you will be able to see the steam rising into the sky from the natural heat sources, making great photo opportunities. Global Tower was very quiet and empty when I visited, making the views easier to enjoy. I could spend my time there slowly and relax. The observation room had two floors with a few chairs on each for you to rest, and the glass design of the observation "box" was very suitable for viewing city scenery. I was able to spend around half an hour enjoying the panoramic views, so Global Tower makes a great quick morning or evening activity. It was undergoing some construction work while I was in Beppu, so I was unable to go at night-time to enjoy the night views. I was able to see Beppu city night views from the mountains though, and it was very beautiful! So I do recommend trying to go to Global Tower at night-time too when the construction work is finished.

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