The cute design of the store (Photo: Jaime Wong)

Tomonaga Bread Shop

The best red bean buns served in town!

The cute design of the store (Photo: Jaime Wong)
Jaime Wong   - 2 min read

A famous local bread store that sells amazing freshly baked bread. The lovely wooden bread store has an authentic traditional design and is definitely worth the visit. With friendly staff who will serve you hot bread fresh out of the oven to eat, you won't want to miss this bakery that is absolutely loved by locals!

Located 10 minutes walk from Beppu Station, Tomonaga is a classic little bread shop on the streets of Beppu. With an old fashioned but lovely store front, this bread shop is most famous for their red bean buns and butter buns. The interior is also very well designed, with traditional wooden furnishings, cute menu designs and drawings, and the fragrant smell of freshly baked breads in the air. Their breads are also amazingly cheap, with the red bean bun being only ¥90, and the most expensive cheese and butter buns being ¥110.

The way that you purchase the breads in this store is a little different from your average bakery. First you take a number from the cashier, decide which bread you want, and then the staff will call out your number and take your order. They will then get the fresh bread and pack it into paper bags for you. With 18 different breads to pick from the menu, you will definitely find something you like from Tomonaga. 

I got the red bean bun and the butter bun. The red bean bun was piping hot and tasted amazing. The red bean filling was not too sweet, and not too overwhelming, and the bun was also baked to perfection. The butter bun was very interesting. The staff explained to me that the bun was baked with the butter in the middle of the dough, resulting in the butter crystallizing at the bottom, creating a delicious crunchy layer at the bottom of the bun. If you do end up getting the butter bun, be careful of getting the butter all over your hands! The staff are very lovely and pack it into both paper bags and plastic bags for you to minimize the butter leaking out. If you make a visit to Beppu city, make sure to drop by Tomonaga bread shop to try their famous red bean buns! 

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