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Industry Bakery Best Brownies EVER

Industry Bakery of Soja City bakes the best brownies

Judith Mikami
Judith Mikami   - 2 min read

I sometimes think my calling in life should have been to be a food critic.  Whereever I travel in the world the memories that stay with me the longest are the food experiences I had in those places.  To my great surprise and after living for many years in my adopted city of Soja I decided one day to drop in on this bakery.  I had seen the shop so many times and what had caught my eye was the cool mini car outside the very industrial looking building.  

As you walk into the bakery you are hit by the smells of freshly baked goods being baked or already placed in the display cabinets.  It’s not a large operation and is run by a husband and wife team.  The husband is the main chef and is in charge of savory items and the wife is the sweets creator.  When I went back a second time I had asked to speak to the master and learned that the wife had actually lived in New York and here she experienced and grew to love the food from the Big Apple.

This is why the servings are very generous (large) compared to other places I have eaten in Japan.   I am one of those people, who always thinks of dessert first, then will move onto savory items later.  I think I have bought every sweet this bakery has made and it seems to be never ending as this bakery always seems to be adding unique twists to classic recipes.  But if you decide to travel out to Soja City and stop by you will always be treated with the classic brownie.  If you are also a fan of bagels, roast beef rolls or hot minestrone soup then Industry has all this to offer as well.  

The husband and wife team who own this bakery also own two cafes.  One is located close to Bitchu Kokubunji and is called ALWAYS and the other is directly across from the bakery called WITCHES.  For a nice service benefit if you buy anything from the bakery you can use your receipt to go across the road to WITCHES to get a free cup of coffee.  

Judith Mikami

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