Araha Beach & Park, Okinawa

A fantastic family friendly beach and park in Chatan.

By Chris Barnes    - 1 min read

Araha Beach and Park, located in Chatan, Okinawa, is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful mainland beaches Okinawa has to offer. The 800 meter long Araha beach is popular among locals and international visitors and offers a range of water-based activities. The beach is part of Araha Park, which contains three half basketball courts, a jogging track, playground equipment and a long bike/walkway stretching the length of the beach. There are numerous large covered gathering tables which are great for picnics or larger gatherings, and nearby kiosks will ensure you're never far from refreshments. Araha Beach and Park is located a 2 minutes drive south of Mihama American Village, off Route 58, and offers free parking. The beach is patrolled from 09:00~19:00 from early April till late October.

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