Gorgeous white flowers glistening in the morning light at Bios no Oka Gardens in Okinawa (Photo: Maki Paterson)

Bios no Oka Nature Park

A subtropical safari in Okinawa

Maki Paterson   - 1 min read

Relax on a river cruise through the jungle or go kayaking with the family at Bios on the hill (Bios no Oka in Japanese), a nature park with a botanic garden like variety of orchids and sub-tropical flowers. For the adventurous, take a ride on the water buffalo, go canoeing or wave board paddling, while children can have fun at the petting zoo, making this a good place to visit for up to a half day.

There are some shops and a tea house selling taco rice and noodles. The nature park is in Uruma City​ and admission is 710 yen.

Maki Paterson

Maki Paterson @maki.paterson

Maki Paterson is in love with her home in Naha, Okinawa. The beautiful relaxed sub tropical lifestyle and the friendly people are like family to her. She has a background in international trade, and in her spare time she likes to kick up her heels with Samba dancing, having performed in Tokyo and...