Coffee and scones (Photo: Bloom Coffee - used with permission)

Bloom Coffee Okinawa

Enjoy coffee surrounded by nature

Coffee and scones (Photo: Bloom Coffee - used with permission)
Kim   - 2 min read

A coffee shop that opens early is a godsend in Japan, since in my experience many places don't open until 10 am or even later! Bloom Coffee in Okinawa opens at 8 am daily, meaning that you can get your day started on the right foot. The cafe premises has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, with plenty of potted greenery inside complementing the lush nature outside.

There are a range of different coffee drinks to choose from at Bloom, but the most popular is a locally-inspired variant - the Okinawan brown sugar latte. Alongside the favorite, you'll also find several other flavored options as well as your standard Americano and latte. The cafe is inclusive to those with allergies or dietary requirements, offering both soy and almond milk for those who don't consume dairy.

If you visit the cafe with an appetite, you'll also find several different meal and light snack options available, including sandwiches (the tuna melt comes with rave reviews), curry rice, pancakes, and scones to name a few.

One of the most charming things about a visit to Bloom Coffee is that they serve their drinks in locally made pottery. The cafe is located in Yomitan, which is home to the Yomitan Pottery Village - so if you find yourself enamored by the piece your coffee is served to you in, you may want to take a little detour!

If you're not living in Okinawa but you're still based in Japan, the cafe ships their coffee across the country. The shipping fee is 600 yen, or they offer free shipping if you spend over 3000 yen. Their online store can be found here.

Getting there

Bloom Coffee is located in Yomitan, around 5 minutes drive from Route 58. Free parking is available on-site. If you're visiting via public transport, the cafe is also around a 5 minute taxi ride from the Yomitan Bus Terminal.


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