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Kurashiki Dam

A highly recreational-ized dam in Uruma City

Michael Flemming   - 1 min read

Kurashiki Dam tops off its vital role of flood prevention and water conservation by offering a beautiful park setting full of adventure. The largest of Okinawa's dams, Kurashiki is really a recreation destination. The administration building has a small museum featuring a bat themed cave with water experimentation stations and a small theater that plays a water conservation movie. The Dam itself can be traversed by car, bike or foot. There are several kilometers of paved walkways as well as beautifully groomed grassy fields on both sides of the Dam, and along a shallow river leading to a secondary reservoir. Additionally there is a small pond with fish, frogs and lily pads that is fun to explore around. Swimming and fishing are not allowed, but dipping into the shallow river and crossing it along a pathway of rocks is encouraged. The Kurashiki Dam and Park are located two kilometers west of Route 329 just south of the Okinawa Expressway Okinawa-Kita exit. All activities are free. There are four parking lots with plenty of spaces. Operating hours are 08:00~ 21:00. The museum is open 09:00 ~ 17:00. The movie plays once every 60 minutes from 10:30 ~ 15:30.

Michael Flemming

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