Beach view from front (Photo: Timothy Jones)

Stay at Beach House Rainbow

Affordable beach front cottage rental in Okinawa

Beach view from front (Photo: Timothy Jones)
Timothy Jones   - 2 min read

Coming to Okinawa? Do you have a group of people and want a more affordable and scenic accomodations? Rainbow Beach Side Cottage is a good place to stay. Over the years, I've stayed at many places in Okinawa: hotels, boutique hotels, pensions, etc., but this beach cottage is nice and relaxing.

The cottage is right off the beach and caters to groups, so if you have more than two people this may be the more affordable choice for you. The place is a bit rustic, but has all the amenities, and the location is perfect for a beach BBQ, nice ocean views, and close to the main highway 329 for getting around. The place is a family owned business that also has rental cars and other weekly/monthly mansions. A very convenient point of interest is the fact that Rainbow will include a rental car with your stay if you require it.

To book the cottage simply call the phone number listed and the staff can assist you in Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, & Italian - now that's international service! If you have a nice sized group, the place more affordable as each person can share a portion of the daily or weekly rate. The daily rate is about 35,000 yen, so If you are like my friends and I, we booked the place with seven people. We saved money and everyone was able to stay together in one house. The place is the ideal party and crash pad if you plan on spending most of your day outdoors having fun. Be sure to bring fireworks, food for the barbie, and plenty of cold beer.

The spot is a bit isolated, so it's ideal for fun times, great moonlit skies, and a nice ocean breeze. Depending on the time of the year, bring some mosquito repellant, as they can get a bit pesky in the summer time. Beach House Rainbow is located on the Eastern side of the island, or the Pacific Ocean side of the island, which has less beaches but more fishing ports if you are also interested in taking a fishing charter. Enjoy!

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