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Johannes Kiener
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Normally I don't visit variety stores, but when I was struggling to find a birthday present for my girlfriend they were really helpful. Jam Pot, a variety store I visited a few days ago, is one of these places. When I started my search for a suitable present, I went to Osaka`s Nakazaki Neighborhood. I heard that there are many variety stores, and after I left the station, a shop with wide windows full of cute things attracted my attention: Jam Pot.

When I entered the shop I was overwhelmed by the friendly atmosphere. The walls and floor are covered with white painted wood and the shelves are full of earrings, brooches, small bags, and a lot of other things that seemed to be very suitable for a present. Emi the shopkeeper was very helpful and showed me around and explained about the concept of the shop. The store works with about 80 artists from all over Japan. The selection the shop offers is always changing, so every time you go there you can find some new items. In Japanese these kind of items are called zakka (雑貨). In order to promote its zakka Jam Pot participates often in exhibitions held by department stores like the Mitsukoshi Isetan or the Hanshin department store in Umeda.

The shop opened in 2004 and has a sister store, Guignol, run by Emi`s husband Taizo, that focuses on artefacts from France. There are also two affiliated galleries called ONE PLUS 1 and Nearly Equal. They are rented out to visiting artists and the displays change from time to time. Drop by when you are in the neighborhood and give it a try.

Jam Pot is normally open from 12:00 to 20:00 every day except Tuesdays. From the Tanimachi subway line's Nakazaki-cho station it is only one minute's walk to the shop. When you leave the station at gate 1 you just have to walk to the north and will soon find it.

That day I decided to buy some butterfly earrings and a small bag for jewelry. As I found out later, this was a good choice. Do not miss this shop!

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