Healthy and delicious food at Kudara Rikyu (Photo: Kudara Rikyu)

Korean Dining in Tsuruhashi

Out of the way dining at Kudara Rikyu

Healthy and delicious food at Kudara Rikyu (Photo: Kudara Rikyu)
Tad Ichimiya   - 3 min read

Kudara Rikyu is an authentic Korean restaurant which has recently garnered a lot of attention among tourists and Korean-food gourmets. Since opening in the center of Koreatown in 2013, its reputation has grown and the restaurant has been thriving. Despite being over a mile away from JR Tsuruhashi station many people are willing to walk all the way to Kudara Riyu to enjoy the splendid Korean cuisine.

Koreatown's main walkway stretches for five hundred meters with numerous shops along both sides of the street to explore as you reach to the second gate. Kudara Rikyu’ is right at the corner.

When you arrive you will be greeted by their friendly staff providing attentive service. Imported Korean wall paper adorns the walls with a pristine interior. The floor heating system is especially appreciated during the winter. The ground floor seats 50 while the second floor seats 32. You will enjoy sitting at tables with sunken floor foot warmers allowing you to sit comfortably without the need to fold your legs.

A unique smoke extracting chimney hangs above each table. We love nice thick and juicy meat and we know a charcoal grill adds great flavor, but some customers may want to avoid their clothes from absorbing the aromas of grilled meat. This powerful extractor fan eliminates that possibility.

When it comes to the menu, all the meat served here is fresh and delicious. They have three veteran chefs in the kitchen each having specialized in cooking meat for over 20 years. They carefully select high quality beef and superbly prepare it.

Kalbi meat-on-the-bone and wagyu (Japanese beef) are scrumptious. Here at Kudara Rikyu, every portion of meat is tender and so juicy with a savory aroma. Also recommended is their Horumonyaki (grilled beef or pork offal) which is popular in Korean dining. Their richly flavoured Horumonyaki is incomparable. Accompanying these dishes are their homemade Namul (boiled vegetables) and Kimchi (Korean pickles). Both of them are good for health and dieting. I hear they have their own secretly guarded ingenious recipes for these dishes.

The SunDubu Lunch set is 1,000 yen. The 2,000 yen lunch menu includes a main beef dish, Chijimi (Korean pancake), Topokki (stir-fried rice cake), a vegetable salad and ice cream for dessert. When you come here for dinner, tell the waiter you saw JapanTravel, then you can get a glass drink for free.

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