Raindrops and Cherry Blossoms (Photo: Tetsushi Kimura)

Sakura at the Osaka Mint

One of the best places to view cherry blossoms in Osaka

Raindrops and Cherry Blossoms (Photo: Tetsushi Kimura)
Jeannie Gan   - 3 min read

Want to know where to see one of the fullest collections of cherry blossoms in Osaka? I would surely recommend you to go to the Osaka Mint. The Osaka Mint is one of my favorite places to view cherry blossoms (Sakura). It has a Sakura walk-through (To-ri-nu-ke) in its compound, which is open for only one week annually to the public for Sakura viewing. The walk-through is normally open on the second week of April every year depending on the cherry blossom forecast. In 2018, the walk-through will be open from 11 to 17 April.

There are about 360 trees with 128 different varieties of Sakuras. As you can imagine with such a diverse collection of trees and short opening period, it is very crowded on the weekend. The Sakura walk-through is full with people seizing the rare opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Sakuras. This place is so famous during the week that there is even bus tours conducted from other parts of Japan just for the Sakuras!!

The Sakura walk-through was built in 1871 during the Meiji Period when the Modern Osaka Mint was constructed. It is 560 meters in length and stretches along the famous Osaka Yodo river. In 1883, the then Mint Master decided to open the Sakura walk-through to the public to share the beauty of the cherry blossoms.

With such a long history, some of the rarest and most unique Sakuras in Japan can be found here, namely the Beni-temari (literally translated as “Red Ball”) and Oh-temari (Big Ball). Just like their names suggest, the Sakuras bloom so closely to each other just like a ball of Sakura pompons! Other rare Sakuras to look out is the Gioiko. It is a cute green-yellowish Sakura unlike the common colors with shades of white and pink.

I am amazed again and again with the uniqueness and beauty of every tree while moving along the walk-though. It feels simply blissful to be surrounded with the adorable and lovely cherry blossoms. On top of that, the walk-through is lighted up at night, a very different atmosphere from the day.

Since the Sakura walk-through is not park, visitors are not allowed to picnic nor have Hanami (picnic or cherry blossom viewing under the Sakura trees). But don’t worry as there are stalls selling food and drinks outside the Osaka Mint during this duration, thus adding to the “cherry” and “cheery “festive mood!! Make sure you come from the South entrance of the Osaka Mint (On the Temmabashi side). Visitors can only walk one-way from the South to the North entrance (On the Sakura Miya Bashi side) as a measure to control the flow of the crowd.

As you end your Sakura viewing journey, why not drop by the Mint Museum as well? It is open on weekdays from 9:00am to 4:45pm (last entrance at 4:00pm). Admission is free and there are about 4000 exhibits for you to explore how Japanese coins evolved through time.

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