Chichibugahama Beach

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Beach reflections (Photo: Beach reflections – Ann Lee / CC BY-SA 2.0)

If you’re after some amazing photos of the beach and sky, look no further than Chichibugahama Beach. This picturesque beach in western Kagawa Prefecture can be found off the coast of Mitoyo City. With sandy tide pools, low tide brings in mirror-like reflections where locals and tourists alike have been flocking to for that perfect shot.



Otsu Niocho Nio, Mitoyo, Kagawa 769-1404 (Directions)


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A 15-minute taxi ride from Takuma Station.

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Spectacular View of Chichibugahama Beach

Spectacular View of Chichibugahama Beach

Masayoshi Hirose

This beach was just a rustic place where local people used to enjoy visiting until a few years ago, but the reputation spread on social media has made it into a popular travel destination with many people buzzing about. The transformation is staggering.

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