Osaka Castle Park

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Osaka Castle Park is a public urban park and a historic site in the prefecture of the same name. It is the second largest park in the city and, in combination with Osaka Castle, is a popular photo opportunity.



1 Osakajo, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 540-0002 (Directions)


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Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Castle Park

Jeannie Gan

Osaka Castle Park surrounds a majestic 16th century castle, perfect spot for you to have a glimpse of the greener side of Osaka

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Watch: Osaka Castle Park

Watch: Osaka Castle Park

Michael Williams

Osaka Castle Park is home to a significant part of history in Osaka. Home to Osaka Castle, the Hokoku Shrine and other historical monuments, it is filled with cherry, apricot and plum trees, all set in a large and beautiful park.

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Osaka Castle Gardens

Osaka Castle Gardens

Gloria Ticconi

Osaka Castle was built more than 400 years ago, when the military commander Hideyoshi Toyotomi completed the military unification of the country. Toyotomi commenced the construction of the Castle in 1583, and it took two years to completed it. The life of the Castle has not been easy. In 1598 the statesman Tokugawa Ieyasu destroyed the Castle, which was soon rebuilt by Tokugawa clan, and 40 years later the castle tower was burned down. The current castle tower was rebuilt in 1931 thanks to donations of citizens. Major renovations were also carried out in 1995, to restore the castle tower to its former splendour.

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Cherry Blossoms at Osaka Castle

Cherry Blossoms at Osaka Castle


At Osaka Castle Park, one can enjoy the cherry blossoms blooming alongside the famous Osaka Castle. The park has over 4300 cherry trees on its grounds.

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Osaka Castle Park


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Inside Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Castle

3.7 (7Review(s))

Osaka Castle is one of the city’s most iconic sites and draws numerous visitors to its spacious park and imposing keep every year.  Osaka Castle was first built by warlord Toyoto...

Near Osaka Castle Park

Hotel Mystays Otemae

Hotel Mystays Otemae

Tatiana Markina

Hotel MyStays Otemae is a perfect place for accommodation in Osaka, with subway access to Namba. It has good service, including English speaking staff and WiFi.

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Hotel City Plaza Osaka

Hotel City Plaza Osaka

Elena Lisina

The main attractive features of the Hotel City Plaza Osaka is the rooftop spa with a rest zone outside, and a variety of special restaurants.

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Yashiro Restaurant at Tamatsukuri

Yashiro Restaurant at Tamatsukuri

Bonson Lam

How many ways can I declare my love for tofu? Tenderly and melt in the mouth soft tofu in miso soup, with a reduced sweet miso marinade in a salad, or with a hint of sweetness in a dessert served in black sesame sauce.

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Magatama Cafe and Bar Tamatsukuri

Magatama Cafe and Bar Tamatsukuri

Tad Ichimiya

Magatama's original concept was to run a cafe that also provides a space for full spectrum of people who can drop by for intercultural exchange. There are concerts and art exhibitions here as well, and guests are welcome to bring their dogs in this dog friendly cafe and community space

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National Bunraku Theater Osaka

National Bunraku Theater Osaka

Osaka has been the capital of Bunraku, the traditional Japanese puppet theater, for many centuries. The National Bunraku Theater is a two-hall and exhibition room complex located in Chūō-ku, Osaka. The theater is now one of the few places where where the fascinating art form of bunraku can be seen. The complex opened in 1984 as the country's fourth national theater and became the headquarters of the Bunraku. The National Theater is operated by the Japanese Arts Council, an independent administrative body of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. English programs and headphones are available. The performances usually take place at three-week intervals in January, April, June, July / August and November.

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Kuromon Market

Kuromon Market

Kuromo Market (黒門市場, Kuromon ichiba), over a 170 years old, is a 580 meter long market inside a shopping street containing approximately 150 shops. 

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Dotonbori, located along the canal of the same name, is a street in the Namba district of Osaka’s Chuo ward that epitomizes the city’s nightlife. The colorful area is an explosion of neon lights, mouth watering street food, retro vibes, clubs, stores, and bars. A popular saying associated with the street is kuidaore, which roughly means to go bankrupt after spending an enormous amount of money on food. To experience the essence kuidaore (responsibly, of course) be sure to check out this renowned partying spot and lose yourself in the contagious energy! Roots in the 1600s The historic street started in the 1620s as a theater district with kabuki and bunraku (puppet) establishments along the canal. Over the years, many theaters closed as people lost interest in the traditional arts, and unfortunately, most of the remaining theaters were destroyed in bombing raids during WWII. Today, Shochiku-za Theater stands as the only reminder of the street’s theater roots. Today Today, Dotonbori is one of Osaka’s top tourist destinations. When the sun goes down, flashy neon advertisements light up along the canal and streets. The rainbow of colors illuminates the night air, creating an exciting atmosphere that matches Dotonbori’s offerings. Walk along the bustling street and lose yourself in the tantalizing food smells, energetic chatter, and hypnotizing sights. Embrace Kuidaore Food Culture With a phrase like kuidaore associated with the street, there is no doubt that Dotonbori takes its food culture seriously. The street is one of the best places to experience Osaka cuisine, and the area’s flamboyant restaurants themselves are a feast for the eyes. You will need multiple nights to enjoy all of the street’s wonders! For a personalized and unforgettable experience, book a food tour with a local who can guide you through the best spots. See the Sights! After, while, or before you eat, explore the vibrant area. Seemingly every spot of the street is filled with dazzling lights, historic vibes, and unique charm. Listed below are some of Dotonbori’s staple destinations. Though be sure to explore off of the beaten path and discover the street’s many wonders yourself!

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