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On Kounotori no Sato Stork Preserve yesterday
This is a very detailed and insightful article, the story about the return of the stock teaches us on so many different levels.
On Akita's Kawabata Dori 2 weeks ago
It is said that the golden age of Akita was in the 1980s and 1990s, when the Japanese economic miracle was in its full swing. The newly rich...
On Ikeda Memorial Museum 2 weeks ago
The baseball exhibits are gold! What a great find Kim.
On Akita's Kawabata Dori 2 weeks ago
Thank you for this almost documentary like study of the changing face of Kawabata Street. While many old timers may weep at the changes, your...
On Yamagata to Akita by Train 3 weeks ago
So few people get to travel from Akita to Yamagata, this is a really authentic place to see the other side of Tohoku.
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