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On Ultimate Fort 2 & Scary Haunted Lab 2 years ago
First time for too ! I was surprised (in the good way of course!!). The instructions are unfortunatly in Japanese, but some details are written...
On Tokyo by Night Photo Tour 2 years ago
Thanks ! The atmosphere there is really nice, I love the small streets in busy districts, they are special :)
On Itabashi & Saitama Summer Fireworks 3 years ago
A very beautiful fireworks! Itabashi-ku rocks!
On Ultimate Fort 2 & Scary Haunted Lab 3 years ago
Yes that's the great thing about these attractions in Fuji-Q! They are great and last long (only if you are smart and lucky if we talk about...
On Light-up, Shoren-in Temple 3 years ago
Woah ! Beautiful shots for a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing, I will try to go there one day.
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