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Arita Porcelain Lab

A modern take on the traditional art form in Saga

Kim   - 1 min read

Arita, in Saga Prefecture, is a town known and revered for their pottery - in fact, the region is often known as the birthplace of pottery in Japan. This centuries-old tradition gets a modern spin at Arita Porcelain Lab, with the goal of connecting Arita pottery to the next generation.

The store offers a range of aesthetically pleasing pieces in all colors of the rainbow, and also showcases ways to use the pottery pieces in your own home. The table settings are particularly eye-catching, and the pieces on display when I visited recently had a rather festive feel to them - perfect for the holiday season coming up!

Arita pottery has a history that dates back 400 years, and the products here at Arita Porcelain Lab give you the feeling that the craft is firmly positioned to not just continue, but grow in the decades and centuries to come.

Getting there

The closest train station to Arita Porcelain Lab is Kami-Arita, on the JR Sasebo Line. The store is under a 10 minute walk from the station itself.


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