The architecture here is really neat! (Photo: Kim B)

Takeo City Library

Great architecture, books, and coffee

The architecture here is really neat! (Photo: Kim B)
Kim   - 2 min read

If you want a library that you can get excited about, look no further than Saga's Takeo City Library. The venue boasts some incredible architecture, coffee shops inside the premises, and books available for purchase as well as borrowing.

The vibe here is certainly more along the lines of a cool modern bookstore rather than an old stuffy library - we popped by on a Saturday night and there were people galore, showing just how popular the facility has become. The premises had a renovation back in 2013, and visitor numbers are said to have more than tripled since then. The bookstore portion of the library is operated by the large Tsutaya book chain, and there's even a Starbucks inside so you can get your caffeine fix.

Behind the main library, there's a separate building which houses a dedicated children's library. The children's library has a play area, a garden, a food court, and a breezy outdoor terrace where you can enjoy a bite to eat, a good book, or both! The children's library is just as wonderfully designed as the main building, with light, bright and airy architecture that encourages you to stick around for a while. Even the bathroom facilities in the children's library are designed with little ones in mind, making this a wonderful spot for families.

Whether you want to purchase a book to enjoy on your travels, you appreciate good design, or you simply want a cup of coffee in some cool surroundings, the Takeo City Library is worth a visit.

Getting there

The Takeo City Library is located approximately fifteen minutes on foot from Takeo Onsen Station, on the JR Sasebo Line. Taxis are available from the station if needed - it's approximately a five-minute drive. If you're headed to the library via private vehicle there is a large free parking lot on site.


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