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Colorful lotus flowers in bloom with the observation tower in the background
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Gyoda Kodaihasu-no-sato Lotus Festival

Enjoy these summertime blooms in Saitama

Kim   - 1 min read
When : Mid Jun - Early Aug 2022

Each year from around mid-June to early August, Saitama's Gyoda Kodaihasu-no-sato comes alive with colorful lotus flowers in bloom. At the event, visitors can enjoy 42 different lotus varieties, including the Gyoda lotus, the American lotus, and the Chinese ancient lotus (Chugokukodaihasu) to name just a few.

On the park grounds, there is also a museum where you can learn more about the history of lotus flowers, and a 50-meter-high observatory tower which provides 360 degree views out over the lotuses and the surrounding rice fields.

Like all flower festivals, the exact dates can be subject to change each year depending on the blooming conditions. It's advisable to check the official event website closer to the flowering timeframe.

Getting there

Gyoda Kodaihasu-no-sato is located a short bus ride away from Gyoda Station, served the the JR Takasaki Line.

From the station, take the Gyoda City sightseeing bus until you reach the dedicated stop for the lotus park. The cost to ride the sightseeing bus is 150 yen.


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