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Nagoya City Science Museum

The Nagoya City Science Museum and Planetarium is a really fun, really interesting place to spend the afternoon for kids and adults alike

Toyohashi Art and History Museum

In Toyohashi in Japan s Aichi prefecture, the City Museum of Art and History holds exhibitions by domestic and international artists, and on local and national history and archaeology.

Morimura Memorial Museum, Nagoya

In the middle of Nagoya in Japan s Aichi prefecture, the Morimura Memorial Museum is a charming artist s residence, where you can enjoy traditional paintings and tea ceremony.

Noritake Garden, Nagoya

Close to Nagoya station in Japan s Aichi prefecture, Noritake Garden is a historical site with pleasant lawns, restaurants and shops.

Statues of Toyohashi

In Toyohashi in Japan s Aichi prefecture, the main street by the station is lined with charming statues.

The Castles of Nagoya

When visiting Nagoya there are two castles that you need to check out. The obvious one is the majestic Nagoya Castle but Iwasaki Castle is also very beautiful.

Nagoya Travellers Hostel

For the two of us, home isn t a place. It s a person. And we are home. is the right quote to describe how delighted I was to get stranded in Nagoya Travellers Hostel, a heartwarming hostel that welcomes everyone who wanders along their journey.


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