The walk takes you from the rest area down to the bay and then all the way to the top of Matengai Cliff, from where you can walk back inland to enjoy the local cows and horses. (Photo: Rory Jackson)

Kuniga Coastline

Epic cliffs and a unique walking track

Rory Jackson   - 1 min read

This majestic coastline is a series of cliffs, caves and stone pillars all making up the view for one of Japan's top 100 walking tracks. Formed from over 5 million years of erosion this volcanic landscape is buffeted by wind and waves from the Sea of Japan, resulting in scenery that would seem more at home in a fantasy epic. It's a 35 minute drive from Beppu Port and the hiking track is a steep 6km lopp that leads from Kuniga beach to the top of Matengai Cliff and back around inland. If you want to do the hike don't catch the scenic tour bus as they only allow for 15 minutes to look around.

Rory Jackson

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