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Spring Hill Lupine Festival 2025

Enjoy seasonal blooms in Tochigi Prefecture

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Kanuma City Flower and Tree Center When : Early Apr - Early May 2025

Spring in Japan is one of the country's most popular times of year for travelers, when landscapes are filled with the likes of cherry blossoms, tulips, and wisteria. Amidst the collection of familiar blooms, a newcomer has been quietly making its presence known—the lupine.

Native to the western portion of North America, these flowers have been planted in abundance at the Kanuma City Flower and Tree Center in Tochigi Prefecture over the past seven years. Around 30,000 flowers can be enjoyed at the venue's Spring Hill Lupine Festival, which runs from early April through until early May.

Adult admission to the festival is priced at 500 JPY, with junior high school aged students and under receiving free admission. Please note that the 500 JPY fee comes with a 200 JPY shopping ticket that can be used towards purchases at the on-site the cafe or to purchase flower seedlings.

Getting there

The Kanuma City Flower and Tree Center is located just over 10 minutes driving time from Kanuma Station on the JR Nikko Line.


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