Tochigi's Mt. Jeans

A gondola and a hike in the fresh air

By Selena Hoy    - 1 min read

Tochigi's Mt. Jeans is not named after a pair of pants. Rather, the name is an acronym standing for Joyful Exciting Adventure Nature Sporting. While that may be a mouthful, the mountain is a fun place for a family getaway in the winter, with a snow park that has skiing as well as a lot of kiddy attractions. In the fall, it's a beautiful gondola ride and a great place to have a hike in the brisk mountain air. You can even bring your dog on the gondola - lots of pooches were there when we went. We loved the hammocks and swings put out for guests to play on among the birch groves. 

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Selena Hoy

Selena Hoy @selena.hoy

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