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Trekking the Nasu Mountains

Exploring the outdoors at Tochigi's Nasu Highlands

Tom Roseveare   - 1 min read

The Nasu Highlands is a large area of highlands and plains in northern Tochigi, covering numerous climbable mountains, famous onsen and other local attractions. Mount Nasu consists of 5 peaks, collectively known as Nasu-Go-Take:

  • Sanbonyari Peak (the highest at 1916m)
  • Chausu Peak
  • Asahi Peak
  • Nangetsu-san Peak
  • Kuro-Odani Peak

The Nasu area is also famous for its onsen (particularly sulphur hot springs), Nasu rusk and the original Penny Lane Bakery (yes, a Beatles-inspired bakery shop).

Tom Roseveare

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